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The Happy Breast Book CoverAuthored by Cheryl Chapman
Copyright 2003

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This is the first book written by breasts. We are lovingly known as Gussie and Lucy or “the Girls”. We decided to place our feelings, observations, information and experiences on paper. Breast talk is long over due. There are too many unhappy breasts just hanging out with no clue about how to be happy. We are happy Girls because we are part of a wonderful woman who cares about us. Her mission is to educate every woman about breast care and connect them with their “Girls”. Her name is Cheryl, and she truly is THE BREAST LADY.

Cheryl is a Breast Massage Specialist and Advocate. She has a great passion and dedication for providing easy breast education as well as relieving breast discomfort for women, especially women with breast cancer.

Cheryl has been a Registered Nurse since 1965. She combined her vast nursing experience with a certification in Massage Therapy in 1988. In 1999, she earned her Certification in Holistic Nursing.

What sparked us to pen this book began in 1999. Cheryl, the Breast Lady, casually began asking questions about how women felt about their “Girls”. She started with the professional massage therapy students who attended her Cancer, Mastectomy and Healthy Breast Massage training classes. She had a captive audience. From there, she began to interview her friends, clients and every woman she came in contact with who would “breast talk.”

We, and our lady, were absolutely shocked and surprised at the answers and information received. The women we interviewed chose to be anonymous and gave us the permission to use their statements freely.

We invite you to share our book with your friends, family, doctors, and every woman you know young or old.

It is our sincere hope that our book will encourage and help women of all ages in becoming friends with us, accept us as we are and give us the attention and respect we need and deserve.

We believe that education is the way to prevention and good health.

Copyright 2011 Cheryl Chapman