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All trainings are approved by one or more of the following:

  • New York State Board of Massage Therapy
  • The National certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB)
  • The Florida Board of Massage-CE BROKER,
  • The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
  • The American Board of Massage Therapists (ABMP)

Note: Breast Massage is an approved modality with 8 credit hours by the New Jersey state licensure Board as well as all of the above.

Cancer and Mastectomy trainings in all or part are accepted for entry into the Society of Oncology Massage (s4om).

This two-day certificate training is for a massage therapist, who is ready for a paradigm shift, desires a well rounded practice, and has an interest in working with people who are considered at risk or where massage or bodywork may be deemed a contraindication. The training techniques are unlike those taught in massage school. They provide an alternative to deep invasive or painful therapy, and may be utilized immediately in any practice.

In this Training, you will learn:

  • A comparative overview & psychology of cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis & "life-altering" illnesses .
  • The client with prostate, ovarian, breast & other cancers
  • Indications and contraindications to massage and touch
  • Appropriate and inappropriate touch, bodywork, and massage techniques
  • Proper positioning and draping
  • How to work with a mastectomy client Client/practitioner safeguards
  • Legal issues and documentation
  • How to integrate clients with cancer into your practice
  • About hospice and hospital massage
  • Marketing strategies
  • You will explore the answers to such questions as: What causes cancer and will massage spread cancer?
  • Can I catch cancer HIV/AIDS from giving massage? When do I wear gloves?
  • When can the client begin massage? What about chemotherapy and radiation?
  • How do I safely position a mastectomy client?
  • What is lymph edema and can I treat it?
  • What is Kaposi's Sarcoma?
  • Why would someone with cancer benefit from bodywork and massage?
  • How do I protect myself physically, emotionally, and psychologically when working with clients?

This is an intensive hands-on training with credit for 16 hours or 1.6 Units in NCBTMB & AMTA continuing education. A 100-page manual with hand-outs & a certification of completion is awarded. This class is 50% HANDS-ON. The fee for this class is set by the sponsor.

This is a 16-hour two day intensive training for massage therapists in integrating breast cancer and surgical clients into their practice. Whether breast surgery is life saving or cosmetic, massage benefits and enhances the healing process.

In this Two-Day Training, you will learn

  • An understanding of the physiological, social and emotional aspects of breast cancer & breast surgeries
  • A review of anatomy, physiology and the lymphatic system relating to the breast
  • Lymph edema information: How to recognize lymph edema, how to treat the client with  lymph edema
  • A knowledge of the various surgeries: augmentation, explantation, implants, and reduction
  • Information on male breast cancer
  • Appropriate and effective massage techniques, and hands-on practice
  • Positioning, body mechanics, and draping for a chair, side-lying and table
  • Demonstration of new techniques to complement existing therapeutic modalities
  • Pre-Mastectomy massage guidelines
  • Marketing strategies and legal issues necessary to build and maintain a practice
  • Skills needed to teach clients self-care techniques including: massage, range of motion, exercise and stretching
  • Self-care techniques for therapists
  • Broad sample of resources available to the massage therapist and client

The mastectomy training offers credit for 16 clock hours or 16 units for AMTA and NCBTMB. A manual is provided and a certification of completion is awarded. All aspects of lymph edema are explored and discussed. This class is 50% HANDS-ON

Testimonials: GREAT CLASS I now have a good understanding of what Cancer, Mastectomy & touch is all about and I am not apprehensive about it any more. Cheryl is a wonderful teacher. LMT, Vermont

I learned everything I need to know about working with women with breast cancer and feel comfortable about touching and massage. The training manual, handouts, and hands-on experience are invaluable. This is a well done training. Milwaukee

This 3 day training program combines the 2-day Cancer and the 2-day Mastectomy trainings. This class is 50% hands-on. It is approved by The Society 4 Oncology Massage (S4OM)

Please refer to the individual trainings listed above to view course content.

Open to the Massage Therapists with no previous oncology training.

The techniques in these training sessions may be used immediately in all aspects of private practice. A 204-page manual with hand-outs and a certificate is awarded.

The fee and Registration is done by the sponser, not the presenter. For Questions on class content, call Cheryl Chapman @ 973-376-3190.

Testamonials: "Cheryl's manal was worth the class in itself. I had taken another Cancer Training, but her class enhanced what I had already learned and the Hands-on was fantastic. Her life experience made the difference".
L.C., Manitowec, WI

I learned everything I need to know about working with people with cancer and feel comfortable about touching and massage. The training manual, handouts,
and hands-on experience are invaluable. This is a well done workshop. Milwaukee

Cheryl is very knowledgeable in the field of cancer and mastectomy. She's an excellent teacher and has a wonderful way of presenting a serious subject. The class informative as well fun. I didn't feel brain dead at the end of the day. PA

Cheryl has given me the direction I want to persue in my massage career. I enjoyed her and the class tremendously. AMTA, Connecticut

This class is 50% HANDS-ON
A 16-hour training session for massage during all 3 trimesters of pregnancy and post delivery.

In this Training, you will learn:

  • Benefits to mother and baby Limits and contraindications with high-risk mothers
  • Positioning & draping, use of special cushions and tables The dynamics of pregnancy and labor
  • Anatomy and physiology as related to pregnancy, delivery and postpartum
  • Specific full body massage techniques for pre- and post-natal
  • Common discomforts and easy relief techniques (sciatica, leg cramps, low back, etc.)
  • Marketing to the pregnant client Legal aspects of this specialty

An 80-page manual with hand-outs & a certification of completion is provided. AMTA & NCBTMB recognize credit for 16 clock hours or 1.6 units of continuing education for this class. This class is 50% HANDS-ON. Please review the teaching schedule for dates, location and registration information.

Testimonials: I had pregnancy massage as part of my massage school training but it was not enough to actually see pregnant clients. Cheryl's class really
filled tn the gaps. I now feel confident with pregnant clients. Ellen G., PA

As a male massage therapist I see all kinds of clients & most are female. One of my women clients told me she was pregnant. Because I had no training I would have had to send her elsewhere. Cheryl's class was timely, I took the training a week later and now I feel comfortable with pregnant clients. Thank you for all your knowledge. Michael R., NJ

Pregnancy massage is not my specialty but I do have a few pregnant women from time to time. The class was great and now I have more prenatals and enjoy giving them massage. . Jame L., NJ

In this Training, you will learn:

  • The concept of aging (physiological, psychological, and sociological aspects)
  • Benefits to the aging population
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Client assessment and intake skills
  • Positioning
  • Specific massage and non-massage techniques
  • Chair and bedside techniques for home or institutions
  • Marketing strategies and legal aspects necessary to build and maintain a practice
  • How to write press releases, brochures, etc.

A manual with hand-outs & a certification of completion is provided. Please review the teaching schedule for dates, location and registration information.

The geriatric training offers credit for 8 clock hours or .8 units of continuing education recognized by AMTA and NCBTMB. Massage training is not required. Experience with elderly is helpful. This course is open to care givers and health care personnel.

Teatimonials: I have been doing geriatric massage for awhile and this course validated my work. It was just enough information to modify my skills. Cheryl is very' knowledgeable and has a great style of teaching. V.H. Stroudsburg, PA

This class was very educational as well as easy, relaxing and enjoyable. I will be able to utilize my new skills on any client, not just geriatric. T.D., Watertown, NY

I work in a nursing home and your class has given me a dose of GERITOL. I can't wait to practice my new skills on my residents. T.H., Lake Hopatcong, NJ

There was just enough information for understanding the aging process, leaning to adapt my skills and most important, is how to market myself. M.M.R, Princeton, NJ

Breast Massage is a very controversial subject.  Whether you know you would like to include breast massage into your practice, or, are not sure about it, this training will provide the information and skills needed.
For therapists in New Jersey, this training class fulfills the 8 hour certificate necessary to legally practice breast massage in the states. 

The training objectives are:

  • Remove the taboo from the practice of breast massage
  • Become comfortable and knowledgeable about the choice of breast massage.
  • Understand the benefits of breast massage.
  • Review the anatomy and physiology of the breast and lymphatic system.
  • Demonstrate a minimum of 6 hands on techniques.
  • Discuss and identify the legal, ethical and emotional issues relating to breast massage.
  • Learn proper positioning and draping.
  • Learn how to introduce breaths massage to your clients and practice.
  • Obtain valuable hand-out materials to promote breast massage and self-breast massage.
  • Learn self breast massage.

This training is a fun, educational and essential training for any therapist. You will learn all about your breasts and how to care for them.

While teaching all across the country, Cheryl had the opportunity to discuss breast health with the students that attended her trainings. She was alarmed by the number of women who are unfamiliar with their breasts, much less do self breast massage and exam.  Out of this finding this training program was begun. 

Cheryl is a pioneer in Cancer and Mastectomy Massage. She began teaching Cancer Massage in 1990 before NCBTMB was instituted. An RN since 1965 and a massage therapist since 1988, she has blended her nursing experience and hands-on techniques to teach certification classes in Geriatrics, Pregnancy and specialized programs for the Spa environment.

NCBTMB and AMTA acknowledge 8 credit hours or .8 continuing education units for this training. 3 of the 8 units may be applied to ethics.  For location and dates please go to the calendar page.

This program fulfills the requirments for membership to the Society 4 Oncology Massage (S4OM).

The Society for Oncology Massage is a non profit program founded to ease the journey through cancer and beyond for patients, family members and caregivers.

The mission is to connect cancer patients, family and caregivers with skilled oncology massage therapists. To find more information or to join visit

With heart disease at an all time high and a major cause of death in the U.S., understanding the in's and out's of this condition is of great importance to the massage profession.

A healthy recovery from heart trauma and cardiovascular surgery can include a great massage from a therapist that is well trained and sensitive to his client's special needs.

Cheryl will give you the specific training needed to understand your client's pre and post operative condition and will explore all the aspects of performing a comforting, therapeutic, non-invasive massage for physical and emotional healing.

A review of cardiac anatomy and physiology including coronary artery blockages, bypass surgery, valve replacement, angioplasty, cardiac catheterization, and cardiac stents, pace makers, heart attack (myocardial infarction), angina, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and hypertension will be thoroughly reviewed.

In addition this comprehensive class will go over the indications and contraindications, how to handle home, hospital and re-hab visits, the legal aspects, marketing, specific positioning, use of ice and heat and how to integrate various therapies in the massage session.

A training manual and certificate are provided.

This is a Hands-on training. Please contact the provider for fees and registration.

Testimonial: I had never thought of massage in this area before. I now have new clients in a slow market. It was a well worth class to attend-interesting, fun as well as educational. K.L. NJ

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